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Angels & Airwaves Put on an Emotional and Euphoric Show in Detroit

What can I say about Angels & Airwaves that hasn’t already been said? It’s common knowledge that they’re a band that writes powerful, meaningful lyrics laced with catchy tunes that never fail to make us feel more alive.

The band hasn’t put out a full-length record since 2014’s The Dream Walker. Fans have been patiently waiting seven years for the epic follow-up record and last month, it was finally released. Lifeforms is the name of this new, incredible creation and the band is now currently on a US tour promoting the hell out of it. On October 10th, AVA performed to a packed crowd at The Fillmore in downtown Detroit. The last time the band played here was a little over two years ago, just months before the pandemic hit. I was lucky enough to attend both shows and was absolutely blown away each time. (Side note: I’m a huge blink-182 fan, so it’s also nice to see people I know from that world as well as make new friends. Any blink related shows always make me feel like I’m home.)

AVA started out the set with a newer song, “Kiss & Tell”, which I think is one of the best songs they could have picked to start out the show. From then on, it was our bliss. I was transferred to somewhere new while photographing and watching their set. I forgot all of my troubles and just let their music take me away from reality. They performed “Timebomb”, “Automatic”, “Euphoria” as well as a few others from Lifeforms. “Surrender”, “Heaven”, “The Wolfpack”, and “The Adventure” were also beautifully played.

Tom DeLonge, the frontman and former blink-182 guitarist, even shared a story about finding out when his father had cancer and when he found out he had passed. He told that audience about what he believes is beyond this thing we call “life”. It truly connected and resonated with me as I’m sure it did with every single person in the room. Tom reminded us that everything is going to be okay, no matter what you’re going through, who you are or where you’re from. He also brought up how Mark Hoppus, his friend and bassist of blink-182, was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and had just gone into remission. I was sobbing quietly in the corner with my camera and was trying to make sure no one heard me.

Angels & Airwaves always put on magnificent shows full of love and acceptance (and this one was no different). I am begging you to go see them while they’re on tour right now. Check them out at a date near you:

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